Vetoquinol Care Triglyceride Omega Supplement for Large & Giant Breeds

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Vetoquinol Care Triglyceride Omega Supplement for Large & Giant Breeds Wholesale

Feed orally. Capsules may be given whole or punctured and liquid contents squeezed onto food.
FOR DOGS: 60-80 lbs. 1 capsule daily
FOR DOGS: over 80 lbs. 2 capsules daily

Feeding directions may vary according to the recommendations of your veterinarian.

  • 60 Capsules


Vetoquinol Care Triglyceride Omega Supplement supplements are simply the best way to maintain your large dogs skin and coat health. If your large dog suffers from rashes from allergies or skin disease, the omega-3 fatty acids in Triglyceride Omega Supplement will provide quick relief. You will not only find your dog scratching less, but you will see a beautiful improvement in the healthy look and shine of his coat. The reduction of skin rashes is the number one reason owners choose Triglyceride Omega Supplement, but there are many other benefits of the omega-3 fatty acids they contain. The omega-3 fatty acids contained in Triglyceride Omega Supplement come from fish oil, proven to have some amazing health benefits for your dog. Not only will skin and coat health improve, but Triglyceride Omega Supplement can also reduce the cholesterol in your large dog and improve its heart health. Omega-3 fatty acids have been known to improve mobility, and ease joint pain in arthritic pets. You may even see improved alertness in your geriatric dog with use of these supplements. Regular use of the Triglyceride Omega Supplement from Vet Solutions will have your large or giant breed dog looking and feeling great!

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60 Capsules


Vetoquinol Care

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Vetoquinol Care Triglyceride Omega Supplement for Large & Giant Breeds

$18.89$25.54 (-26%)

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