Timolol Ophthalmic Solution 0.5%

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Timolol Ophthalmic Solution 0.5% Wholesale
– Relieves pressure in your pet’s eyes
– Treats open-angle glaucoma and secondary glaucoma
– Dropper for easy administration
  • 10mL
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Glaucoma can be painful, and if your pet is suffering, you want to ease their pain. Talk to your veterinarian about Timolol. Timolol treats open-angle glaucoma and secondary glaucoma. It is absorbed across the cornea into the front chamber of the eye and decreases the amount of aqueous humor the eye produces. This releases pressure in your pet’s eyes and offers some relief-for you and your pet.

Do not use the medication in animals with known hypersensitivity to the drug or any other beta-blockers. Take extra care or if possible avoid using the medicine in animals with congestive heart diseases or respiratory complications. It is best to exclude cats with asthma or any other respiratory diseases from treating with the medication. Timolol Maleate has a tendency to interact when in certain combinations. In addition, ensure that the dropper tip is not exposed to any surface. Medication overdose can cause a drop down in the heart rate and bronchospasm.

Cases of medication related adverse reactions or toxicity in the animal is rare; however, there can be local irritation and miosis.


Active ingredient:
Timolol MaleatePreservative:
Benzalkonium Chloride

Other ingredients:
Monobasic and dibasic sodium phosphate; purified water; and sodium hydroxide and/or hydrochloric acid to adjust pH

Side Effects & Warnings

Side effects while rare may include eye irritation and miosis. Do not use this medication in animals allergic to beta-blockers. Use with caution in cats with asthma. Use with caution in animals with COPD or congestive heart failure. Do not touch the eyelid or any part of the eye with the dropper.

Do not allow the dropper tip to touch any surface, including the eyes or hands. The dropper opening is sterile. If it becomes contaminated, it could cause an infection of the eye.


Timolol Maleate is the most commonly prescribed medication for veterinary use in the treatment of glaucoma in animals. The medication is a beta-blocker that effectively reduces the pressure mounting inside dogs’ eyeballs. This medication is used in conjunction with other drugs in the management of intraocular pressure in animals. Timolol is a beta-blocker, which is taken in by the anterior segment of the eye. This lowers the formation of aqueous humor, thus reducing the pressure. Moreover, the medication helps to ease down the heart functions as well as the blood pressure. The medication is used in treating glaucoma in both dogs and cats. Timolol Maleate is a topical drug that can be obtained by prescription and is available as suspension eye drops.


Prior consultation with the veterinarian is necessary before administering the medication in the animal.

The usual suggested dosage is one drop, twice a day; however, in severe cases, the dosage can be increased to three times daily. Use as directed by your veterinarian.

Care Instructions

Store at room temperature away from moisture and heat. Keep the bottle tightly closed when not in use.

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Timolol Ophthalmic Solution 0.5%

$11.55$16.45 (-30%)

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