Temaril-P (Trimeprazine / Prednisolone)


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  • Treats various conditions, such as kennel cough and bronchitis
  • Relieves itching and reduces inflammation
  • Prevents the development of raw areas that are created by excessive scratching
  • 5 mg

Buy Temaril-P (Trimeprazine / Prednisolone) 5mg

Temaril-P (Trimeprazine / Prednisolone) is an FDA-approved prescription medication for dogs that is used to treat itching and coughing (including kennel cough) in dogs. The combination formula provides a three-way therapeutic effect: antipruritic, antitussive, and anti-inflammatory. The trimeprazine in Temaril-P acts as an agent for antipruritic and antitussive and helps relieve frustrating bouts of itching and coughing. The prednisolone acts as the anti-inflammatory agent, providing treatment for inflammation and pain. Temaril-P also prevents the development of pustules (raw areas) that are created by excessive scratching.

Talk to your veterinarian to make sure that trimeprazine and prednisolone won’t interfere with any medication your pet is currently taking. Never give this drug to pregnant animals, and take extra caution with diabetic animals, as insulin levels may need to be adjusted when it interacts with this medication. Most commonly, side effects like sodium retention, loss of potassium, suppressed adrenal cortical function, vomiting, diarrhea, tremors drowsiness, blood dyscrasias, delayed wound healing, muscle weakness and osteoporosis are observed.

Ingredients of Trimeprazine/Prednisolone

Temaril-P (Trimeprazine with prednisolone) is indicated for the relief of itching and various cough conditions including kennel cough (tracheobronchitis), bronchitis and coughs of nonspecific origin (except coughs due to cardiac insufficiencies). The medication combines the antipruritic and antitussive properties of trimeprazine with the anti-inflammatory property of prednisolone. The antipruritic properties of the medication aid for the reduction of inflammation triggered by certain skin disorders in dogs including eczema, otitis and dermatitis (allergic, parasitic, pustular and non-specific).

Directions of Use

Temaril-P is an oral tablet that should be administered daily. Specific dosage is dependent on the weight of the animal. The medication, available by prescription as scored tablets, is FDA approved for use in dogs only. The standard dosage is based on weight. For dogs up to 10 lbs, give 0.5 tablet; 1 tablet for dogs weighing 11 – 20 lbs, 2 tablets for dogs weighing 21 – 40 lbs and 3 tablets for dogs weighing over 40 lbs. The medication should be given every 12 hours. The dosage should be reduced to 1/2 of the initial dose after four days or to a quantity just sufficient to sustain reduction of symptoms.

Side Effects & Warnings

Temaril-P can cause an upset stomach (nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea), dizziness, drowsiness, lethargy and muscle weakness, or symptoms of Cushing’s disease – hunger and thirst, and increased urination. More serious effects can occur in pets suffering from renal or hepatic diseases, or in pets that are immuno-suppressed; take care when treating animals with such preexisting conditions.

Consult your veterinarian before starting this medication, especially if your pet is taking other medicine or over the counter sedatives, anesthetics or pain medications.

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Temaril-P ( Trimeprazine / Prednisolone)

Temaril-P (Trimeprazine / Prednisolone)