K-BroVet Chewable Tablets


  • Chewable Tablets - 250mg - 60 ct.
  • Chewable Tablets - 500mg - 60 ct.

K-BroVet Chewable Tablets

Seizures, which can occur in dogs for many reasons, can be a frightening ordeal for pet owners. When a dog is diagnosed with epilepsy, K-BroVet can help.

K-BroVet was developed to provide a reliable source of potassium bromide that can be dispensed in the clinic, a convenience for both the client and the veterinarian. Potassium bromide has long been recognized as an excellent anti-convulsive for the alleviation of canine seizure disorders and is often considered the first option for dogs with idiopathic epilepsy. K-BroVet has also been formulated with B vitamins to support healthy neurological function.

K-BroVet can be used in conjunction with other therapies, including Phenobarbital, or alone, as the sole anti-convulsive. Unlike Phenobarbital, bromide is not a hepatotoxin, making it the treatment of choice for dogs with liver damage.

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Chewable Tablets – 250mg – 60 ct., Chewable Tablets – 500mg – 60 ct.



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K-BroVet Chewable Tablets

K-BroVet Chewable Tablets


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