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Buy Flurbiprofen ophthalmic solution

Flurbiprofen is an ophthalmic solution that is used on pets to treat certain kinds of inflammation, itchiness, or redness in the eyes. The eye treatment solution is easy to administer and it can be applied on both dogs and cats. Use the simple eye-dropper to quickly treat your dog’s or cat’s inflamed eye, and you will see a marked reduction of eye redness.

Flurbiprofen Ophthalmic Solution works to counteract the substance that causes painful inflammation of the eye, which is called uveitis. These eye drops are effective in relieving redness and irritation. They are non-steroidal eye drops and can improve the side effects of uveitis, which include redness, itching, and puffiness. It’s time to give your pet a soothing escape from the painful irritation of uveitis eye inflammation and treat their red, itchy eyes with a proven Flurbiprofen ophthalmic solution.

Flurbiprofen can cause numerous side effects. This drug should not be prescribed in case of glaucoma. If the pet experiences pressure within the eye, careful monitoring must be done during administration. Flurbiprofen has the tendency to interact with various other medications. Do consult a veterinarian to find out if other drugs the pet is taking, might interact with flurbiprofen.

Always consult a veterinarian before administering Flurbiprofen to your dog or cat. If your pet has active uveitis, administer drops 2-3 times daily. If your pet struggles with chronic uveitis, administer drops 1-2 times daily. Even if your pet’s symptoms subside, it’s important that you follow through with the entire length of the prescribed treatment plan.

Side Effects & Warnings

Flurbiprofen can cause extreme side effects in some animals. The drug should not be administered to animals that have hypersensitivity or allergy to the drug, or to any of the topical or systemic NSAIDs. Flurbiprofen should not be prescribed to pets that are suffering from eye hemorrhage or defects associated with systemic clotting. The medicine has the possibility to increase bleeding tendencies during eye surgery when it is used before operation. Besides, Flurbiprofen delays the healing of wounds and should be completely avoided in case of corneal ulceration. The drug should be used with extreme caution during the active wound-healing phase subsequent to eye surgery.

Keep out of reach of children. Not for use in pets with glaucoma. Will cause a decrease in pupil size. Talk to your vet if your pet experiences any unusual symptoms. Be sure to inform your vet of any medications your pet is taking.

Specifications for Use

Flurbiprofen is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory for both dogs and cats. Flurbiprofen, when in an ophthalmic solution, is designed to improve uveitis eye condition. A few drops can relieve redness, itchiness, and inflammation in the eyes. Otherwise, it can be used to treat the pain, swelling, and inflammation caused by osteoarthritis.

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